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Ask Realty Times - JAN 28, 2005
What happens if a lender gives me two checks from closing instead of one?

Gay Community Plans May Violate Fair Housing - JAN 28, 2005
Fair housing laws not only prevent discriminating "against" a certain class, they tout the concept of not showing "preference" for certain classes, as well.

Markets Are Calm While Awaiting GDP Figures And Fed Policy Statement - JAN 28, 2005
01/28/2005 12:30 AM

Red Cross Kits Make Uniquely Useful Housewarming Gifts - JAN 28, 2005
Emergency preparedness guides and information are crucial elements of any household's emergency plan, but a backpack well

Home Builders Work To Boost Their Public Image - JAN 27, 2005
Focus groups told the Canadian Home Builder's Association that poor customer service tops a list of complaints they had about builders when they purchased a new home.

Mortar: It's Not Just Gray Stuff Between The Stones - JAN 27, 2005
When repairing stone and brick walls, the composition of the mortar is the main ingredient to success.

Rising Natural Gas Prices May Warrant A New Furnace - JAN 27, 2005
When the weather outside is as frightful as your heating bill, a new furnace can be a smart choice, especially if it comes

FHA Eliminates Refunds - JAN 26, 2005
When Congress giveth, it is usually with great fanfare.

Finding The Best Rental Markets - JAN 26, 2005
Nationwide, a growing numbers of landlords will continue to roll back concessions this year as others raise rents, but some markets remain the tenants' domain where bargains still rule.

Why Maintain Your HOA's Asphalt? - JAN 26, 2005
While asphalt is a durable material when installed properly, it requires periodic maintenance to ensure that it performs to its maximum useful life.

Ask George & Chuck: Questions From Consumers - JAN 25, 2005
Why are my property taxes higher than my neighbors'?

Can We Justify Fannie Mae Bonuses? - JAN 25, 2005
Fannie Mae has paid millions of dollars in bonuses during the past few years -- but can the company do better things with its money?

January Roundup: Rates Lower, Home Prices Higher Than Expected - JAN 25, 2005
Mortgage rates keep on slipping, home prices rise more than expected and business expansion markets could be a good move for cash-poor home buyers.

Silent Killer Threatens Canadians - JAN 25, 2005
Each year, hundreds of Canadians whose homes are heated with fuel-burning furnaces and appliances discover a silent danger

Do The Math Before Choosing A Mortgage - JAN 24, 2005
Have you ever analyzed the difference in monthly payments between mortgages with different interest rates?

Housing Price Bubble? New Economic Study Says No! And Yes! - JAN 24, 2005
A comprehensive new statistical analysis finds no basis for believing the U.S.

Reverse Mortgages: Aid For Financially Strapped Seniors - JAN 24, 2005
Owning your own home free and clear was once the American dream, but today many seniors are reversing the theme and using

Ask Realty Times - JAN 21, 2005
Can an Iraq vet buy investment property?

Low Inflation Translates Into Low Long-Term Mortgage Rates - JAN 21, 2005
01/21/2005 08:45 AM

More Than One Way To Determine Fair Market Value - JAN 21, 2005
There are three traditional ways of determining the value of a property when it comes to putting your home on the market: the CMA, square footage value and tax assessment formulae.

New Radon Alert To Trigger Radon Rip-offs - JAN 21, 2005
01/21/2005 12:30 AM

Watch That Rate Quote - JAN 21, 2005
Federal Truth in Lending laws, specifically a sub-section called "Regulation Z," set out guidelines that mortgage lenders must follow when advertising mortgage rates.

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